My name is Michal Sykutera and this is my personal blog. I am a freethinker, by which I mean that I strive to make all my views and opinions truly mine, not just copied from someone else.

Have you ever heard an interesting view from someone and then used it as your own in a conversation with someone else? This is an example of copying views. So how do you make a view your own? You have to think it over thoroughly and independently. And if, on the basis of rational analysis, you conclude that it is correct – suddenly this view becomes your own.

The best test I know of whether someone owns a view is to ask him or her to come up with a more detailed explanation of it and provide arguments to support it. Who is able to convincingly and reliably do this is the true owner of a given view. In turn the one who is unable to do so or gets confused, inevitably just copied it from someone else. You can find more information about freethought in the post On freethought.

You can contact me via the email address [email protected]. I am open to any offers of cooperation, interesting polemics and exchange of views. Don't forget to subscribe!

Michal Sykutera